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Healing Miso Soup

Here is a powerful healing soup to the rescue. This soup builds the immune system, can prevent illness if used regularly and assists with recovery from colds, flu and viruses. Miso is made from fermented soybeans and can be purchased as a thick paste or freeze dried in individual packets. Look for reduced sodium types. Either way, miso needs to be diluted with liquid such as water or vegetable broth. The Japanese often start their mornings with a cup or bowl of miso soup.  If you use the paste, very little goes a long way and you need to know that miso can never be boiled because you will kill the living bacteria that heal you.  Some of the packets contain seaweed which further boosts the immune system and really does not change the taste of the miso. You may add seaweed if you like and I would recommend Nori or Kombu both of which are mild and easy to work with. Soak them in cold water for 10 minutes and then simply add them to the cooking and remove at serving. There are at least five types of miso that I am aware of and you may wish to start with a mild type such as white miso which is light. It is made from rice koji and soybeans. Here I am using barley miso also known as mugi. Hatcho miso is the most medicinal and robust miso and is revered in Japan. It is made of pure soybean and no grain as the others are combined with.  I also use scallions or green onion and garlic in this recipe because of their natural anti-biotic properties. Shitake mushrooms always come to mind when considering illness because they boost immune system and they have numerous other health benefits including support for the cardio-vascular system, treating liver ailments and nutritional deficiencies, lowering cholesterol and lowering the risk of and treating cancer. Bok Choy is another healthy ingredient. It is a type of chinese cabbage full of antioxidants and minerals. It is also high in vitamins A and C, calcium, beta-carotene and fiber. Bok Choy is low in fat calories and carbs. It contains potassium, B-6 and iron if grown in iron rich soil. Ginger is beneficial to gastro-intestinal distress. It is also used to relieve migraine headaches and morning sickness. It is a cancer fighter particularly ovarian cancer and helps to prevent colds and flu. It is a pain and inflammation reducer and I can attest to that. I use it daily in capsule form along with tumeric for a knee problem resulting from a tennis injury. Along with other things I do, ginger keeps me up and running. For now, have this soup to be healed and aid your recovery of cold and flu.


Miso paste or miso packets (cup of soup)

16-32 oz. water or vegetable broth

Shitake mushrooms, 4-6 sliced

Baby Bok Choy, 4-6 leaves rough chopped

Green onion/scallions, 2 sliced white and green parts

Garlic, 1-2 cloves chopped

Fresh ginger, 1 tsp grated


Bring 16-32 oz. water or vegetable broth to a boil

Add all other ingredients and simmer until the vegetables are tender.

Let cool below the boil point and add the miso paste or contents of a miso packet as directed on packaging


When you are feeling better or if you just want to make this soup, you may saute the vegetables before making the miso base.

Miso soup is delicious with tofu added, carrot slices, peas and/or whole wheat or buckwheat soba noodles . Just feel free to get creative with it.

Just remember to add the miso last and do not boil it or you will lose it’s healing benefits.


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